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How Do I Place An Order On

Ordering on is easy and safe. Once you have registered and sign in and found the item you would like to purchase, click on the "Cart Image" button to place it in your Shopping Basket.

Is It Safe To Order On

Yes, it is safe to order on We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged with our site server.

What Shipping Options Are Available On

Currently, we are only able to accepted online orders to shipping addresses within the Faridabad only.

Is In-Store Pickup Available For Items Purchased On

In-store pickup of items ordered online is available at our store.

How Do I Pay?

You pay only when the shopping bag is delivered to you. You make your payments directly to the retailer in cash, or by other means like a credit card etc if the same is acceptable to the retailer.

The Transaction is between you the shopper and your neighborhood store. In a lot of cases the store might also extend credits, allow use of Sodexho coupons, however it is at the discretion of the store.

Can I pay by credit / debit cards or similar means?

If your local ShopView extends that facility to you then you can avail of the same. Please discuss the options directly with your retailer.

Do I need to pay more than the MRP?

No you do not. Please ask your retailer to explain the in the bill. The MRP on the product pack should be considered final. You can check the same with your bill and feel any discrepancy then report to your shop or mail us at cs@shopview or report complaint threw Shopview portal.

Can I shop without registering on the site?

No. While you can bag the products that you like, prior to you connecting to your local ShopView store you will have to go through the mandatory registration process.

The registration process enables you to view your neighborhood store that service.

Is the registration process free and onetime?

Yes, the registration process on ShopView is absolutely free and you do not need to use your credit card / debit card anywhere during the registration process.

Additionally the registration process is one time, although you can modify your profile after you have completed the one time registration process.

How can I register on

To register in, you can visit the Sign Up link on the homepage and you will have to fill your all information in the registration section.

Why do I need to register for using ensures delivery of products that you select to your doorstep, and hence it is important for us to know how to get to your doorstep and that too at the time convenient to you.

The more precise your one time registration process; the easier it is for us to ensure timely delivery of your shopping bag. We would recommend that you time some time and ensure that your registration is complete and the aspects like your address are accurate.

Your address and contact number is shared with your neighbourhood ShopView to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of your shopping bag.